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Kate Roberts Nutrition Consultant

Bespoke, Evidence Based Nutrition for Lifestyle & Health

I am passionate about nutrition & health and driven by a deep desire to help individuals achieve their long-term diet and nutrition goals. Whether you’re seeking help with weight loss, training for an event or simply want a diet health check, I individually evaluate each client  and provide comprehensive, evidence based advice designed to focus on sustainable lifestyle changes.


"Kate has such a healthy relationship with food and her approach to supporting very personal nutrition needs is excellent. She adapted to fit my third trimester pregnancy needs, taught me ALOT about the sort of foods that help increase key vitamins and balance of good quality macronutrients needed to support my baby and look after my body too. I discovered lots of food and snack ideas to curb cravings and found alot of reassurance in having Kate review all that I was eating and making healthy and sustainable suggestions to keep tweaking week on week". 

Kate G

"Kate has been more than a Nutritionist, she has given me a whole new relationship with food and an understanding that has enabled me to enjoy my nutrition journey. I now feel fuelled and have found such great ways to include all my dietary needs without a feeling of deprivation. Kate is an inspiration, but is also a real person who manages a busy life, family and work, she understands real people’s struggles. If you are an athlete, someone who has health issues or just someone who needs some guidance, I couldn’t recommend Kate enough! Some time with Kate would definitely help you achieve your nutrition goals".
Zoe L



"I began working with Kate as I had started to struggle with structure and ideas for food for a busy family!! My husband runs nearly 100 miles a week and I have two very active children. My lifestyle consists of late night and early morning working and I was finding it difficult to feed my husband and children enough without overeating myself! Sitting down with Kate I realised I rarely considered my own nutrition requirements and whilst my overall meal planning was not bad, I often went hours without food or snacked on the wrong things! Kate's approach taught me to step back and consider the bigger picture and she gave me simple fixes to boost my nutritional intake, all of which have been invaluable. I have lost weight and feel energised." 

Kate O

"Training for an ultra marathon is tough. Constantly tired with no energy. Kate analysed my food intake and fed back how little energy I would be able to get from what I was eating. No wonder I was exhausted. By recommending some simple changes, my energy levels increased massively. I check in with Kate once a month for a full analysis, but if I feel like I am going off track, Kate is on hand to re-evaluate and get me back on the path. I can honestly say that without this I really don’t think I would be able to get as far as I have. I knew food was important but I truly underestimated how important it was."

Suzanne G

"I approached Kate for some insight & advice on my diet & fitness. I eat quite healthily & exercise regularly but I was intrigued to understand how well my diet correlated with the exercise I was doing & how I could improve. Kate encouraged me to record all food intake & exercise for a period of 1 week then presented me with a very thorough document explaining everything I'd recorded. The level of detail in her assessment is outstanding. I have found the information she provided extremely insightful & beneficial. I couldn’t recommend Kate’s service enough."

Owain R

" I really enjoyed the workshop on Sunday and found your tips really helpful. I shared what I learned with my family and we’ve definitely had a happier more balanced start to the week!" 

Sinead H

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Kate Roberts - Lifestyle Nutritionist

Human Nutrition & Dietetics BSc (Hons)

Member of The Association of UK Dietitians 

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