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BMI Explained...

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Obesity is now the leading cause of some Cancers in the UK, ahead of smoking! 😳

For most* people, BMI is a useful indication of whether they're a healthy weight, overweight or obese. So how is it measured and what do the results mean?🤔⁣

BMI stands for Body mass index. This is a measure of your body weight ⚖️ in relation to your height and historically has been used by health professionals 👩🏼‍⚕️to assess people’s weight category and indicate their potential risk for related health conditions (comorbidities) such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease ❤️ & stroke 🧠⁣

You can calculate your own BMI as follows:⁣

BMI = Weight (kg) / Height (m)²⁣

The healthy range is classified as between 18.5 & 24.9 ✅ less than 18.5 is categorised as underweight 🔽 25 to 29.9 overweight 🔼 30+ obese & 40+ morbidly obese ⏫⁣

The National Institute for Health & Care Excellence (NICE)⭐️ currently recommends that health professionals consider a combination of BMI, waist circumference & the presence of comorbidities when reviewing client weight alongside psychological, social & lifestyle factors 🤯👫 🌿🚴🏻‍♀️⁣

If you are worried about your weight calculate your BMI 📊 & check your waist measurement 📏 Generally, men with a waist circumference of 94cm+ and women with a waist circumference of 80cm+ are more likely to develop obesity-related health problems ⚠️ If you fit into this bracket seek advice from a qualified health professional 😊 #obesity #bodymassindex #cancerandobesity #riskfactors

*BMI is not suitable for use in the following population groups: Muscular athletes, People over the age of 18 who have not reached full growth, Pregnant or lactating women, Adults over age 65⁣

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