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Fuel your exams with Brain Food

Research has shown that children who are well nourished PERFORM BETTER academically & have improved concentration & behaviour at school. Eating a HEALTHFUL DIET of regular meals including a wide variety of foods will help to ensure that your child is meeting all of their nutritional requirements.

A steady supply of ENERGY is essential for brain function & effective thinking. Complex carbohydrate foods such as wholemeal bread, wholegrains + fibre rich fruits & vegetables are digested more slowly & help to regulate the absorption of energy into the bloodstream. Starting the day with a bowl of porridge/overnight oats & berries or wholegrain toast topped with peanut butter & banana will give kids the FUEL they need to sustain learning all morning.⁣⁣


Evidence suggests that some nutrients are more crucial than others for brain health. IRON has been linked to improved concentration & mood ☺️whilst low levels of ZINC are associated with poor attention & sleep Including animal & plant-based sources of these minerals in the diet, such as red meat + pulses, will help to keep levels topped up. Try serving a mixed bean salad with steak, beef/vegetable bean chilli with wholegrain rice or SWAP fatty & sugary snacks for bean-based foods such as falafels or hummus with vegetable crudités. ⁣⁣


OILY FISH like salmon contain Omega 3 essential fats, known to be important in brain development & function. Recent studies have found they may also improve attention + reduce cognitive impairment as we age. Currently, UK guidelines recommend children and adults to include TWO SERVINGS of fish each week for general health and wellbeing with at least one of these portions being oily. #brainfood #examnutrition #boostyourperformance .

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