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Surviving the festive season...

Christmas is coming... magical mince pies and mulled wine, nativities, parties and presents galore, not to mention hosting a family dinner and then its New Years Eve! It can be a tricky time to navigate nutritionally. But don’t despair and follow my simple tips to keep you on track throughout the festive season:

Party time

  1. If it’s just drinks, make sure you eat before you go out – food will slow the rate of absorption of alcohol and help you stay the course.

  2. Stay hydrated – choose long drinks or spritzers over cocktails and wine.

  3. Savour the seasonal goodies and stick to the mantra ‘everything in moderation’.

Festive Food

  1. Buy the best quality meat you can afford – farmers markets and local producers often have great value grass fed or organic cuts perfect for a family feast.

  2. Make ahead, if you’re catering for guests choose a recipe that will freeze or you can finish on the day so you can enjoy their company and get out of the kitchen.

  3. Have a healthy meal on standby for those days when you don’t have time to cook or guests pop round unexpectedly.

In the Winter months, seasonal foods lend themselves to nourishing soups and stews that give you a warm satisfied feeling. Bolster the nutritional value of your favourite dishes by adding in pulses, wholegrains and leafy greens. This will make your food go further whilst increasing intake of fibre, antioxidant vitamins and minerals that will help to nurture your gut bacteria, boost your immune system and keep you thriving all winter long.

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