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Why you should... Grow Your Own

If you are thinking about growing our own produce, here are 5 good reasons to start #growingyourownfood

1. Help the environment - growing your own food uses less chemicals & packaging, reduces food miles, has a lower carbon footprint and is the ultimate source of #sustainablefood

2. Save money - growing plants from seeds is an affordable way to source organic produce, creating less waste as you only harvest what you need.

3. Improve food & diet quality - Food grown at home is fresher, tastier and more nutritious and contains no pesticides or chemicals. Growing your own food can lead to a more diverse diet (currently only 1/4 of all adults and 1/5 all children actually meet the 5 a day target (UK) for fruit & vegetable consumption)#5aday

4. Expand your knowledge - Learn about food seasonality, growing cycles & food provenance, get kids involved in plant rearing to help foster healthy, earth friendly habits for the future

5. #Getoutside - gardening is a great way to incorporate some gentle exercise, unplug from the digital world, reduce stress and connect back to nature.


T I P S for growing your own:

- Start small and plant things you’d really like to eat.

- Pick a sheltered sunny spot with access to water.

- Consider a raised garden bed, which allows you to control the soil and nutrient blend. If space is a premium window boxes or patio containers work well.

- Talk to other home growers in your area to get a sense of what grows well and when.

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